“Labyrinthia” is out at midnight – Pre-order on Bandcamp

Dear friends,

Our debut album is out at midnight and you can now head on over to Bandcamp (see below) and pre-order/purchase the album, follow and get an instant download of our newest single, “Soothsayer” that accompanies the album.

Also, we´ve featured a re-mastered version of our first single and KEXP´s Song of The Day, “Birds” for this special Bandcamp release as well as the re-master, by Dave Collins, will be available in a mono version via a DIY cassette release, exclusive to our merch table.

Look out for pre-orders for our vinyl versions that are available in early 2023

Tonight we take the stage of Gaukurinn in Reykjavik and wait for the album to drop at midnight with our friends We Made God, AfterpartyAngel and a ton of cool merch and good vibes. We then head off on our debut EU tour in Netherlands and Belgium on November 16th.

We could not be more excited about this!

Much love and thank you!

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