by Tryggvi Már

The live band leader, the bassist, the multi-layered contributor and the soul of the social side of things, Hálfdán keeps the band in sync and having the time of their lives, cracking jokes and laughing hysterically at his antics.

Out of Hafnarfjörður, Iceland, Hálfdán has played bass with many of Iceland´s biggest rock, pop and indie acts throughout his career. Being a member in bands like Sign, Legend, KUL, Horrible Youth and many, many more while also being one of the most sought after session bassist in the country due to his familiarity to various styles of music. Hálfdán then studied music at the Icelandic academy, FÍH. 

Daníel and Hálfdán have known each other since their late teens through mutual friends and came together through shared interest in music and partying together in their early 20´s. 
This smiley-faced, dark haired warrior gives it his all on stage and off and is a true pillar to the soundscapes and in crafting what is Daníel Hjálmtýsson.