by Tryggvi Már

This unruly mop of hair out of Selfoss, Iceland has been spotted behind various sets playing everything from the smoothest of jazz to the dirtiest of rock´n´roll, being an active member of the Icelandic music scene for well over a decade. 

The heavy hitting, smooth sailor started playing music with Daníel in 2017 and contributing to the creative process when fellow band mate, Hálfdán Árnason, set things up. Shortly after (and not unlike many Icelanders), Skúli and Daníel got word of a blood bond, with them realizing they were not so distant cousins.

Along with Daníel Hjálmtýsson, Skúli´s associated acts include the Icelandic legendary guitarist Björn Thoroddssen, Ask The Slave, KUL, Sign and Garðar Borgþórsson´s Different Turns. Skúli then studied music at the Icelandic music academy, FÍH. 
A true spiritual and explosive craftsman, Skúli also contributes to the soundscape and song crafting playing various instruments during the recording process and has contributed to most of the recording of the band´s debut LP in his living room in Selfoss. Where the band met and recorded most of the album themselves, with Skúli acting as head engineer.