Sunday Mail

Comic sketch by Skarpi

Hey! Check out this awesome sketch by our good friend Skarpi! We might be doing something with this..stay tuned!

Anyways…these days we are finalizing material for our debut LP. We plan to announce the title of our album with other goodies in the next couple of months. This is surely cooking up to be something very good.

We´ll be recording the LP  in a very personal way and will be pouring our hearts into making it sound (and look) as best as possible. It´s taken a while since we first became a band to get to this point. It´s taken even longer since I first started making songs. It´s time to let loose and let it fly. This will be our first physical release on vinyl as Daníel Hjálmtýsson while also being released digitally. We very much look forward to sharing further details with you and let you in on the progress.

We´d like to thank you for the love and support so far and we hope you keep tuning in to us and spreading the love those around you. We are already planning shows in Europe and in Iceland for this year and we WILL see you soon!

Much love,


ps. We have brand new logo t-shirts coming up for sale via our Bandcamp VERY soon! Then we´re adding some more snapbacks to the merch store too! Be sure to check that out <3

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